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About Us (the choice is yours.....)

Mad About Pets UK is a family run business set up in 2013 with the business vision of supplying unique, quality bespoke pet products, all manufactured here in the UK, with a mission statement of - 


"Supply and manufacture quality products that the customer wants with the best service to match"


Here at Mad About Pets UK we don't believe in a "one solution fits all" mentallity which is why we have designed all our products to meet your needs and requirements. All our pet beds are designed to compliment your home and furniture.


This is why we can build your pet bed to your taste and specifications, natural wood, varnish, stained or full colour finish; the choice is yours.....

The same system applies to all our indestructible pet beds and Trexx boxes. Both systems have been designed to be built to your requirements including size, style, budget.


The choice is yours.....


Don't settle for "that will do!" Contact us here at Mad About Pets UK and choose exactly what you want and what your pet deserves. Come on, their worth it!

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