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Claire from S.H.A.R.E. Rescue (24-02-2014)

"We at S.H.A.R.E rescue would like to take this opportunity to thank Rhydian and and Mad about pets very much...

We are a rescue who had taken in some puppy farm dogs and popped them in emergency boarding kennels... the block of kennels were disused and very cold at this time of year meaning the Huskies had bedding direct on the floor :( because of the concrete floor the bedding was getting cold and damp to the point of being wet by the next morning :( , we needed some way to get them off the floor and a friend spotted the very clever raised beds made by this company, she contacted them and Rhydian was more than happy to help and infact donated a raised bed for us to try!! 


It was made and delivered within a couple of days and did the job more than perfectly, the Husky had a platform that kept them off the floor and allowed air to flow keeping their bedding dry Thanks to this wonderful design ! 

they are robust and will last a life time they are easy to keep clean and heavy enough to keep stationary within a kennel environment and we have since purchased more of them for the other dogs we have in kennels at the moment being rehabilitated... 

Rhydian has been very kind offering a huge discount on the rest of the purchases and we are very pleased with the product as well as the customer support Wonderful guy with a heart of gold, thank you for you kindness from the 12 Huskies of Christmas xx"

Mark from Birmingham (17-02-2014)

"I have now had my double dog box for 2 Months.Its has been a great purchase well made and suits my dogs down to the ground. It is strong and robust but easily removable from my vehicle for cleaning. I can highly recommend this product. It is suitable for my Doberman as I travel around training in preparation for competition in IPO"

Carrie from Goole (13-01-2014)

"You made me a fantastic dog transit box for my freelander last's still as good as new although after yesterday's walk it needs a good clean again lol, so much mud!! I seriously don't know how I coped without it, I said to John last night it was the best money I've ever spent!"

Lee, Operations Director from Parkguard Ltd (13-12-2013)

"I very happy with it and its holding up really well with constant daily use in a working environment and it still looks new, - I’m pleased, especially when considering the price is lower than the other options. We will be looking for more possibly in the New Year."

Eric from Callanway Training (12-11-2013)

"The cage is a big success and greatly admired. Thanks again for a good job. By all means use it for advertising"

Maureen from Shropshire (09-10-2013)

"We are delighted with the cages and have no problem recommending them to friends."

Lisa from Cardif (03-07-2013)

"Thank you for all your help and the speedy delivery Sansa loves her new bed x"

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